Melbourne Campaigner’s Network

Strong social movements are built on one-to-one relationships and a culture of learning.

The Melbourne Campaigner’s Network provides regular gatherings for activists, campaigners and organisers to meet and learn together. The emphasis is on networking, exchanging ideas, and discovering new approaches which can be applied to campaigns.MCN_Discussion

MCN is a Plan to Win project convened by Holly Hammond with trainees and collaborators.

Most Thursday MCNs run 6pm-8pm with a dinner following nearby. We also hold some gatherings on Saturdays designed to be family friendly.

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Past sessions

  • MCN PanelStory-based campaign strategy
  • Online campaigning
  • Campaign case study: 100% Renewables
  • Campaign updates
  • Art and Campaigning (co-presented with Arena Project Space)
  • Theories of Change
  • Turnout: Mobilising your base
  • Future of the media
  • Fundraising
  • Campaign QandA
  • Report-back from the US Election
  • No Gas Hub campaign case study
  • Celebrating Campaign Success
  • Global Power Shift Report-back
  • Campaigning Under the New Regime
  • Building Effective Alliances
  • Data Driven Campaigning
  • #BustTheBudget – what can it be?
  • Anti-Poverty Organising
  • Indigenous Campaigns and Solidarity
  • What stopped the EW Link?
  • Islamic Museum Field Trip
  • Mobilising vs Organising
  • To change everything we need everyone: Movement mapping
  • Better Activist Meetings
  • Celebrating Creative Activism
  • Sustaining Activism
  • This is an Uprising
  • Workers rights for campaigners
  • La ZAD – a French case study of occupation, resistance and community building
  • Building Critical Consciousness
  • Big Organising with Becky Bond

MCN has also supported The Change Course to run in 2014 and 2015, led by CounterAct.

What are people saying about the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network?

Some feedback from past sessions:

  • Fantastic insightful and inspiring night – thanks to the speakers and organisers as well as the audience with the thought provoking discussion afterwards.
  • Oh hooray for Melbourne Campaigners Network! What a ripper evening that Art and Campaigning Forum was.
  • Excellent networking opportunity.
  • Story-based strategy info was great! Made me think in a new way. Nice to have it linked to current Australian examples and political context too.
  • What was good and useful? Tim’s ideas, tips, responsiveness. Clear concise experienced communication!
  • Great presentation – many new ideas!
  • MCN is a great initiative, please keep it up!

AndyMCNSuggest a topic

This network is based on the interests and contributions of participants. Got a topic you think we should all know about? Hungry for particular information about campaigning? Want a chance to present to your peers in a supportive environment? Get in touch!

 Good ideas spread!

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