Self-care and stress release strategies for people working towards social and ecological justice

Activist energy is a precious resource. The struggles we find ourselves in can be incredibly stressful and emotionally demanding. With all the pressures in life do you find that your own needs end up at the bottom of the list?

Take some time out to participate in this workshop – it is possible to prioritise your own health and happiness while working for social change.

This rejuvenating workshop will be an opportunity to

  • Reflect on your current practices
  • Revisit what inspires and affirms you in your activism
  • Develop an understanding of stress, burn-out and your own personal ‘warning signs’
  • Learn new techniques for self-care and stress release
  • Plan for a more balanced and sustainable life
  • Relax and connect with others

Co-presented by Holly Hammond, Plan to Win, and Robyn Reynolds, Natural Therapist.

  • When? 1pm – 5pm, Saturday 10 December
  • Where? Thornbury, close to public transport
  • Cost? Sliding scale according to means – talk with us if money is a barrier to attending or if you would like to subsidise someone’s attendance.
    • Low income/unfunded organisation $50
    • Medium income/funded organisation $70
    • Well resourced individual or organisation $80
  • Register? Contact us via the contact form. If you have any queries call Holly on 0421 508 446.

Online payment options and full venue details provided upon expression of interest. Registration fee includes light snacks, refreshments, readings & activity guides. Dress for comfort.

About the presenters

Robyn Reynolds
Robyn has always been interested in how things work. Her journey from Biomedical Engineer, to Teacher, to Kinesiologist has her aptly placed to help others develop an intuitive approach to improving their physical, mental and emotional Wellbeing. For more information see


Holly Hammond
Holly is the Director of Plan to Win – assisting individuals, groups and campaigns to develop the skills and clarity required to win change in the world. Holly brings twenty years of experience in social movements to her work as an educator, facilitator and mentor. She is passionate about assisting activists to lead balanced and rewarding lives. For more information see