Whether or not you know it, you have the beginnings of a theory of change. All actions which attempt to change society reflect a theory of change of some kind, that is they reflect assumptions about how society works, what change is needed and how change happens. As campaigners our own theory of change develops though the actions we take and reflections we make.

Understanding theories of change helps you connect your actions with your own political and philosophical beliefs. Being able to recognise the diversity of theories of change that people may hold is powerful in better understanding colleagues or allies. It can also help you to situate your personal politics with that of your organisation.

This introductory workshop will outline the elements of a theory of change and help you begin to articulate your own theory of change. There will also be an opportunity to reflect on the theory of change operating in your campaigns or those you support.

Facilitated by Naomi Blackburn. This is a Melbourne Campaigner’s Network event. MCN holds regular gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change.

Location:  The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Time:  6pm til 8pm.
Date:  Thursday 10 May
Further info:  Holly Hammond – call 0421 508 446 or via the Contact page.