Australians can learn a lot from the US – like the perils of an unregulated market, how not to set up a health system, and what happens if you consume a lot of high fructose corn syrup.

The US is also a rich source of social movement innovation. As an activist educator many of the resources I draw on in my work come from US organisers and theorists.

As we settle in for a federal election year many of us are looking to the recent US election for campaign insights.

Here’s a selection of interesting links to get you thinking in the lead-up to the Melbourne Campaigners’ US Election Report-back on Thursday 28 February.

Election Analysis

Field Organising

Digital Campaigning & Data

Ongoing US Political News & Analysis


Want more?

Come along to the US Election Report-back. We’ll be hearing from three Melbourne campaigners who worked on campaigns during the US election: Victoria McKenzie-McHarg (Environment Victoria), Alex White (Union communications specialist) and Lucy Manne (AYCC). More information here and invite your friends via the Facebook event.

Photos: Three US Election highlights – Romney vs Big Bird, Clint Eastwood vs an empty chair, and #bindersfullofwomen

Many thanks to Simon Copland for research and assistance putting this post together.