PTT_logo1Plan to Win has launched a new project to promote the health and wellbeing of activists – Plan to Thrive.

Plan to Thrive is a multi-author blog featuring articles, interviews, reviews and tips from contributors around the world.


The first content on the blog is a taste of what’s to come:

  • An interview with Shasha Ali, women’s rights activist, advocate for communities of colour, and punk musician based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Shasha shares her insights on staying healthy while fighting for social change.
  • Organizations Like Bamboo, a comprehensive article which discusses psicosocial healing practices in Colombian human rights defense work. The article is written by Andrew Willis Garcés, a Texas based activist educator and mental health counsellor who has accompanied Colombian social movements for several year.
  • Demystifying Panic, practical tips from blog co-convenor Helen Cox on managing panic attacks.
  • Our Hearts in Transition, a review by blog co-convenor Holly Hammond (me!) of Rob Hopkin’s Transition Handbook. The book has some great insights about emotional and psychological adjustment to the challenges of climate change and peak oil – which are relevant for campaigners broadly.


Think this project is an excellent idea? Want to be part of it? You can:

  • Visit the blog regularly for updates
  • Follow @PlanToThrive on Twitter – and put your hand up to be one of our guest Tweeters
  • Write for Plan to Thrive – all sorts of contributions are welcome! We’re especially keen to share personal stories and interviews
  • Promote Plan to Thrive and start conversations about health and wellbeing in your organisation and communities
  • Contact us to discuss options


Big appreciation to my collaborator Helen Cox for helping get this off the ground and Tim Norton for endless IT support setting up the blog. Thanks!