Managing campaign data

To win against the odds every contact matters. Every campaign needs more supporters, more people who are willing to step up and contribute, to volunteer, donate, become a member, and take action.

But who exactly are you asking?
Where are they, what are their interests?
Have you made contact before?
What should you do next?

If you don’t know enough about your supporters, it’s hard to make your well-crafted approach connect to your audience.

This session is presented by Naomi Blackburn who was the data co-ordinator for Adam Bandt’s successful 2013 re-election campaign. Building strong relationships in the community was critical to the Bandt campaign’s success.

Naomi worked to protect these relationships by co-ordinating information flows within the campaign. Working out who was speaking to whom, who was following up, who had been missed and who to ask what and when.

In this workshop Naomi will make the case for better information management in campaigns and help you assess how well your current approach to data management is serving your campaign.

Join us afterwards for dinner and drinks at Shebeen, 36 Manchester Lane.

This is a Melbourne Campaigner’s Network event. MCN holds regular gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change.

Location:  Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Time:  6pm til 8pm at Ross House – Dinner from 8pm at Shebeen.
Date:  Thursday 3 April
Further info:  Holly Hammond – call 0421 508 446 or via the Contact page.

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