Progress 2015 is coming up, 7-9 May at Melbourne Town Hall. Check out the program to get a taste of what’s in store – and if you’re there, come and say hi! Here’s three sessions involving Plan to Win’s Director Holly Hammond.

hands-cupping-candleSustaining Activism: Surviving, Thriving, Not Igniting!

Presented by Holly Hammond, 2:30-3:45pm, Thursday 7 May

How can we have healthy and happy lives while working for social change?

In 2014 Plan to Thrive surveyed almost 200 activists and 71% said they had experienced burnout, ‘a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding.’

This supportive and relaxing workshop is an opportunity to reflect on current practices; develop an understanding of stress and burn-out; share strategies and resources for self-care; and get tips on setting up organisations to reduce the likelihood of burnout.

balloon-tied-to-weight-sami-sarkisMoving the rock: Shifting power for sustained change

Presented by Daniel Hunter (via video), Holly Hammond & Sam La Rocca, 4:15-5:30pm, Thursday 7 May

In his book Strategy and Soul Daniel Hunter states ‘Politicians are like a balloon tied to a rock. If we swat at them, they may sway to the left or the right. But, tied down, they can only go so far. Instead of batting at them, we should move the rock: people’s activated social values.’

What does it take to move the rock? How do we activate values and build people power so politicians follow us or step into the political space we’ve created?

We’ll explore case studies of movements and campaigns that have moved the rock and draw stories from the group about how campaigns are shifting power. We’ll also discuss the tensions around issues-based and electoral campaigning for sustained change.

TurkeyRainbow2LGBTIQ Caucus

Convened by Holly Hammond and Clare Ozich, 10:35-11am Friday 8 May

LGBTIQ people are everywhere in the progressive movement! We’re in unions, working for climate justice, part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander struggles, in the environment movement, the anti-poverty movement, refugee rights, our own liberation and more.

Even in the most queer-friendly of spaces it can be reaffirming to get together, meet each other, and share experiences. Grab morning tea and have check-in with other queer folks at Progress 2015.