MCN_logoDo you spend a lot of your life in meetings?
Or does it just feel like it?!

Meetings are a big part of working collectively but too often… they suck.

But with some preparation and a few simple techniques we can hold meetings that:

  • get outcomes
  • feel engaging
  • bring in new people and new ideas
  • assign tasks and clarify next steps
  • finish on time, and
  • leave us feeling like the activist endeavours we’ve embarked on are worthwhile investments of our time and energy

Join experienced meeting facilitator Holly Hammond and the creators of eConvenor, Sky and Keira, for a highly productive two hours!

We’ll run through the steps to creating effective activist meetings, including how you can use eConvenor to plan your agenda, assign and track tasks, and produce clear minutes. Bring along your meeting challenges and meeting highlights to workshop.

This is a Melbourne Campaigner’s Network event. MCN holds regular gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change.

Location:  60L, 60 Leicester St Carlton (*NB not our usual Ross House location!)
Time:  6pm til 8pm followed by dinner nearby.
Date:  Thursday 6 August
Further info:  Holly Hammond – call 0421 508 446 or via the Contact page.

Tickets below – and invite your friends on MCN Facebook Event.