An intensive learning and development program in the skills to provide training and facilitation in a social movement context.

Holly and AnaAustralian social movements need skilled trainers and facilitators.

Plan to Win is a consultancy focused on supporting the effectiveness of Australian social movements through training, facilitation and mentoring. A key focus in 2017 is developing other activist educators, to improve access to quality learning and development in a range of movements.

As part of this commitment Plan to Win is offering two traineeships: January-June and July-December. Applications are now open for the first traineeship commencing in January.

The Activist Educator Traineeship is an intensive program of learning and development provided by Holly Hammond (Director, Plan to Win), one of Australia’s most experienced activist educators. After completing this program trainees will be better equipped to provide training and facilitation in a social movement context. They will also have a deeper knowledge of the broad range of areas PTW provides training in, such as: social change theory and practice; campaign strategy; community organising; activist health and wellbeing; and building powerful groups.

Opportunities for development will include:

  • Observing or participating in numerous PTW workshops – including Training for Activist Trainers and Activist Coaching Skills;
  • Practising facilitation through voluntary projects Melbourne Campaigners’ Network and Plan to Thrive, with support around session development plus debriefing and critical feedback;
  • Reading and reflection on group work and social movement literature; and
  • A series of tailored mentoring sessions.

The PTW trainee will also have access to short paid contracts focused on event management.

These projects require some availability during work hours as well as occasional evenings and weekends. A six month long commitment (Jan-June 2017) is required and is only suited to someone based in Melbourne. This traineeship is not appropriate for someone currently in full time work, or planning to be prior to June 2017.

Selection criteria

  • Experience as a social movement campaigner, organiser, activist or volunteer
  • Passion for and commitment to social and/or ecological justice
  • Experience in some form of group work: eg facilitating meetings, running short trainings, convening community development projects, or in therapeutic settings
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, reliability and good time management
  • Ongoing interest and availability to provide training and facilitation in a social movement context

MCN_SmallGroup2To be considered please provide a statement addressing the selection criteria, where possible providing examples of previous experience. Brevity is appreciated and bullet-points are welcome. In addition please provide a short summary of why you are interested in the traineeship and the contact details of two referees (which could be former employers, educators/mentors, colleagues or fellow activists).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people of colour, trans and gender queer people, and working class people are strongly encouraged to apply for this position. Past participants in Plan to Win training are also encouraged to apply. Although this traineeship is only available in Melbourne, aspiring activist educators in other states are encouraged to make contact to explore the potential for mentoring and collaboration.

Send applications (and any queries) to holly(AT) by COB Wednesday 16 November 2016.