DecolonizingSolidarity_fullDecolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles is a book by Clare Land. The book is based on interviews with 24 Aboriginal community members and non-Aboriginal activists, and includes what the author has personally learned through her own activist work in southeastern Australia.

‘This book… addresses situations and ideas that few non-Aboriginal Australians who say they are supporters of Aboriginal peoples’ quest for justice ever really consider… these issues are major problem for those who seek a role as empathetic and constructive allies for the Aboriginal cause.’

Gary Foley in the Foreword of Decolonizing Solidarity.

The Decolonizing Solidarity Book Club is an online and face-to-face book club for people anywhere who want to process the book’s insights and discuss how they could be put into practice. There are around 20 book clubs meeting around Australia and recent new additions in Aoetearoa New Zealand.

The book club project is organised by Clare Land, Holly Hammond and Pru Gell who provide monthly resource packs to guide discussion in groups.

Discussions kicked off in March and are planned through to September – but you are welcome to join at any point and run through the program at your own pace. You can be part of a discussion in a face-to-face group; online in our Decolonizing Solidarity Book Club Facebook group; or both.

For more information see Decolonizing Solidarity.