9am-1pm, Wednesday 7 March 2018

60L Green Building, 60 Leicester St Carlton, Victoria.  


Strong movements require effective communication and decision making!

When our meetings don’t engage everyone, or people feel unheard, tensions can surface that undermine morale and sabotage the important changes we seek to make in the world. Developing collaboration skills can make a big difference to our enjoyment of social change work and our overall social and environmental justice impact.

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy is an approach to working with groups which provides powerful insights and practical tools. These tools can help you:

  • Make great use of time in meetings
  • Have useful, efficient and robust conversations that surface the insights of many
  • Reduce underlying tensions that impact on team culture and outcomes
  • Make well-informed decisions that people buy into and follow through on

This workshop will provide:

  • An introduction to the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy, including how it has been used (and can be used more) in social movements
  • An outline of some of the psychological theory that underpins the method, which will change how you think about group dynamics and conflict
  • Experience in practical facilitation tools you can take back to your own groups

This workshop is a great fit for people who:

  • Lead or manage groups and projects
  • Facilitate small to large groups
  • Drive or facilitate group processes (such as planning, debriefing, decision-making and more)
  • Provide one-on-one and/or small group coaching and mentoring

This workshop is relevant whether you play a neutral facilitator role or are a leader or participant who is expected to have an opinion in discussions and decision-making. You will get the most out of this workshop if you are open to trying new tools and have a place to apply them.

About the presenter

Pru GellThis workshop is hosted by Plan to Win and presented by Pru Gell. Pru has been engaged in social action and facilitating dialogue and conflict transformation for complex groups for over 15 years. For the past 8 years she has been particularly focused on enabling people who do good to get along better, in order to free up energy and time to tackle the big challenges. She draws heavily on the Lewis Method Deep Democracy Facilitation and is a globally accredited Facilitator Instructor and coach.

Pru’s leadership and facilitation coaching clients work on social change from a variety of angles. Previously she worked with the Change Agency providing training to campaigning organisations on strategy, community organising and building effective groups. Along with Clare Land and Holly Hammond she runs the Decolonizing Solidarity Bookclub project. For more information see Pru Gell’s website.

Feedback on past Deep Democracy workshops

  • “I encourage anybody who is working with difference, across groups and with conflict to consider this training. It is a truly neutral and non-judgemental way of facilitating a process and it will challenge you!”
  • “Pru’s facilitation style is engaging, respects the knowledge and experience that people bring and then adds to it. The tools she uses are unique, energising and inclusive.”

Fees and Inclusions

Fees are on a sliding scale of $80-$180 per person for the full workshop ie $80 for low income individuals and participants from unfunded organisations; $130 for average waged individuals and participants from medium sized organisations; $180 for well waged individuals and participants from larger organisations with a solid financial base. Please self-assess where you fit on this scale, considering your means, privilege and dependents, and factoring in what you would normally expect to pay for a half day training.

Pay the Rent: Free places in this workshop are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

If money is a barrier to you participating please let us know in the application survey and we will contact you to discuss. Sponsorship is also appreciated to make reduced fees possible.

Please note that we expect participants to attend the whole workshop, to ensure a focused and productive time for everyone.


Please complete this survey to register by Friday 2 March 2018. No payment at this stage, we’ll issue an invoice when we confirm your registration.

If you have queries about this workshop contact India Prior: india (AT) plantowin.net.au