Plan to Win invites social movement leaders to take a big leap forward in your development in 2019. Six participants will meet regularly to learn and grow together.

Each participant will receive focused group and one-to-one coaching to:

  • Reduce barriers to the effectiveness of your social change work
  • Clarify direction on personal, organisational, campaign, and movement levels
  • Deepen critical thinking
  • Open up creativity and problem solving
  • Connect to inner wisdom and values
  • Build resilience and connection

The program will provide a concentrated burst of coaching to move you forward, while strengthening your capacity to hold space and coach others.


Initial one-day training on Friday 1 or Saturday 2 February (tbc) including:

  • Meeting and connecting
  • Engaging creative and critical thinking
  • Strategic questioning
  • Coaching skills
  • Action learning set practice

Six two hour long sessions, held monthly: February – June. At each session one participant will present a challenge they are facing in their social change work. The group will support them to gain greater clarity, canvas options and decide on a path forward. During each session there will also be time for paired work so all participants get focused attention on their own challenges.

Program wrap up and goal setting: August. A final session shaped in response to the emerging needs of the group. Each participant will be supported to set clear goals for their future leadership including ongoing critical enquiry and development.

Monthly peer coaching sessions with one other member of the group.

Optional readings will be provided each month for online discussion.

Please note that this is an intensive program that requires commitment to attending all sessions. A time for the monthly sessions will be agreed by the group and the expectation is that this is non-negotiable time in your diary. Numbers are strictly limited for this program.

Who this program is for

The aim of this program is to increase the effectiveness and resilience of social change leaders, leading to positive ripples through your organisation/campaign/movement/community. Leadership is interpreted broadly – you may be in a formal leadership role (such as manager, director, convenor, lead organiser etc) or in a less recognised role which involves initiative, responsibility, supporting or supervising others, and catalysing action. Your role may be paid or unpaid.

To get the most out of this program you need to be open to reflection, cultivating self awareness, hearing feedback and trying new things. You’re someone who is up for learning… intensively!

The group will be gathered on the basis of complementary skill sets, diverse backgrounds, and mix of movements. As the group will meet regularly face-to-face in Melbourne this program is not suited to long distance enrolment. There is potential for online versions of this program in the future.

The program leader

GetUp_HollyThe Leadership Learning Intensive is convened by Holly Hammond, skilled activist facilitator, trainer and mentor. Holly brings over twenty-five years of experience in social movements and almost as many years of personal development. She has a deep belief in the power of people to make change, including personal change and empowerment.

Holly’s skills and knowledge make this learning experience unique: you’ll have someone working with you who can contribute lessons from social movement history, practical frameworks for action, social change theories, groupwork skills, techniques for individual transformation, and lots of courage, intellect and compassion.

There’s more information about Holly here.


Fees are on a sliding scale of $400-$1200 per person for the full course ie $400 for low income individuals/unfunded organisations; $800 for average waged individuals/medium sized organisations; $1200 for well waged individuals/larger organisations with a solid financial base; or points along this scale. Please self-assess where you fit on this scale, considering your means, privilege and dependents, and factoring in what you would normally expect to pay for professional development.

Pay the Rent: Free places in this workshop are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

If money is a barrier to you participating please let us know in the application survey and we will contact you to discuss. Payment in instalments is an option. Sponsorship is also appreciated to make reduced fees possible.

Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be included at the one day workshop and we will cater for the range of special food needs.

A collection of training resources and further reading will be provided.


Fill in this survey to apply for the Leadership Learning Intensive. If you have any questions contact Holly. The plan is to gather the group by the end of the year so we can get started in late January or early February.

Photo: List gathered by Louise Duxbury at a Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia 2017 retreat.