Thursday 1 August 2019, 9am-5pm

60L Green Building, 60 Leicester St Carlton, Victoria. 


Take a moment to think of the kind of changes, and the scale and pace of change, that you’re trying to create. Then reflect on the meetings you’re a part of, how inclusively decisions are made, how relationships are tended to and what happens when differences of opinion (small through to significant) arise in low to high stakes moments. Do you feel that fresh tools for how to have discussions would be helpful?

In this training, you’ll gain a unique perspective on how to read group dynamics and learn new techniques, so that meetings and discussions, within your organisation and/or across coalitions, cut through to what counts so your group can have greater impact with the same resources.

We know that our social movements are tackling complex problems in stormy times and that collaborating to create interconnected movements is essential and sparks powerful possibilities. We also know that unresolved issues within our own movements can hold us back. 

Day to day we need to be able to have effective game-changing dialogue and feel equipped to lean into our differences, rather than retreat and shy away from them when they appear tricky to navigate, which stalls our progress. We can use these times to test fresh pathways for dialogue; so that our communication supports us to overcome challenges, maintain momentum, stay invested and feel valued, for the long haul. 

Deep Democracy is one possible pathway. 

It takes time, commitment and skill to ensure our teams our working well together to create social change. Whether you’re working in action groups, campaigns, NGO workplaces, or larger alliances and coalitions, there are tools available to help you increase your effectiveness. This one day workshop will help you cultivate healthy group cultures which mirror the world you want to create. 

How to apply 

Pru Gell and Plan to Win welcome 3 people from the same organisation, alliance or coalition to coming along to the training together. We are open to whatever mix suits your group (i.e. people from board/committee, leadership, staff, collective/alliance). 

We’ve chosen this structure (rather than individual attendees) because we’re guessing you’ve all had the experience of learning new tools at a training day but then struggle to share the new skills, or implement changes, once you’re back in the workplace. By doing this joint professional development together each group will: 

  • Get to work on a real challenge that you’re facing as a group and walk away with new insights and next steps to address it
  • Increase the chances of translating new concepts and tools into tangible impact for you, your group and campaign
  • Gain new shared language and tools so it’ll be easier to use what you’ve learnt once you’re back in the thick of it

 Saying that if 1-2 people from an organisation, alliance or coalition want to come and it is not possible to have 3 then that’s ok. If your organisation or alliance would like to attend, please confirm with Rachel Deans by Friday 12 July 2019, and include:

  1. What is the main reason you would like to attend?
  2. What is the name of your team, organisation, alliance or coalition?

Fees and Inclusions

Fees are on a sliding scale of $440-$1340 per group of 3 people from an organisation/alliance/coalition or $150 – $445 for individuals. 

Please self-assess where you fit on this scale, considering your means, privilege and dependents, and factoring in what your group/organisation/alliance/coalition would normally expect to pay for a full day training.

Pay the Rent: Free places in this workshop are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Please note: If money is a barrier to you participating please let us know and we’re happy to discuss. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Sponsorship is also appreciated to make reduced fees possible.

Please note that we expect participants to attend the whole workshop, to ensure a focused and productive time for everyone.

Morning and afternoon will be provided. Please make your own arrangements for lunch – the Queen Vic Market is a short walk away. 

About the presenter
This workshop is hosted by Plan to Win and presented by Pru Gell. Pru has been engaged in social action and facilitating dialogue and conflict transformation for over 18 years. She is convinced that our time of significant and unprecedented change (climate and more), asks us to courageously seize the opportunity to step away from business as usual. She is passionate about transforming how we relate and build powerful and interconnected movements. From her immersion in strategy, alliance building, campaigning, lobbying and policy advocacy for NGOs and social movements Pru has experienced first hand that how we work together can either support and sustain or stunt, efforts for critical change. As a result, 8 years ago she pivoted to sharply focus on enabling people who want to bring about powerful change to get along better as they strategically tackle the big challenges of our time. Pru draws heavily on and coaches leaders and facilitators in, the Lewis Deep Democracy approach to facilitation and leadership. Previously she worked with the Change Agency providing training to campaigning organisations on strategy, community organising and building effective groups. For more information see Pru Gell’s website.

Feedback on past workshops

  • “I encourage anybody who is working with difference, across groups and with conflict to consider this training. It is a truly neutral and non-judgemental way of facilitating a process and it will challenge you!”
  • “Learning from Pru took my facilitation skills to the next level. I can now more skilfully step into highly conflictual situations with confidence so that I can hold all views and work productively. If you get the chance to learn from Pru, don’t hesitate, do it.”
  • “Pru’s facilitation style is engaging, respects the knowledge and experience that people bring and then adds to it. The tools she uses are unique, energising and inclusive.”
  • “Theory was thorough & logical – practical experience was really useful – facilitation and process was clear and structured.”