Please note Holly Hammond now does the majority of her social movement support work via the Commons Social Change Library. Up until 2020 Plan to Win provided facilitation, training, coaching and a range of consultancy services. Currently the main offering via Plan to Win is one-to-one coaching and mentoring. 

Coaching with Holly Hammond

One-to-one support and development can have a profound impact on individual campaigners and movement leaders, providing the opportunity to go much deeper than is often possible in group training.

Holly Hammond brings an approach to one-to-one support and development which may differ from what other providers can offer in terms of:

  • The focus – increasing the effectiveness of people working for social and environmental justice
  • The pedagogy – informed by popular education and relational organising
  • The considerations – bringing in awareness of social structures, power relationships, and social movement factors in addition to organisational dynamics and personal strengths and barriers.

Coaching is a confidential space to reflect on challenges you face, build on your strengths, and consolidate learning. Holly aims to support you to do your best thinking and contribute additional ideas and resources to replenish and equip you in your important work.

Each session is different, depending on your needs. Often we start with reflection on recent experiences, draw out insights, workshop challenges, and prepare for future action. Sessions can include skills practice, goal-setting, campaign planning, interpersonal skills development, role-plays and other activities. Sometimes a session may result in some ‘homework’ such as prompts for reflection, relevant reading or actions to put into practice.

Some of the topics that can be covered in coaching include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Theories of change and different roles in social change
  • Community organising including one-to-one organising conversations
  • Campaign communications and framing
  • Building effective teams, supervising and delegating
  • Facilitation and education skills
  • Interpersonal issues, conflict and emotions in activism
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Setting goals and evaluating progress
  • Career direction and interview preparation
  • Sustaining activism: managing stress, building support networks and pursuing work/life balance

Fees are on a sliding scale designed to be accessible to activists. All sessions are currently online.

To make an enquiry fill in the contact form.

Thanks for the role you’ve taken on, it is really incredible to have your knowledge of our movement and community to bring a new lens to what I’m working on. I think the sustainability of activists is incredibly important, and I think a lot of new things will be possible for me if I put time and effort into the ‘back end’ of what I do. Thanks for creating the structures so we all have tools to do this work. – Phoebe, climate activist