Plan to Win is available to facilitate meetings, team-building sessions, strategic planning, campaign planning and coalition building.

An external facilitator can make a big difference to the experience and outcomes of your gatherings. Having someone else hold the space allows you to get on with the work you need to do together. A fresh pair of eyes can identify opportunities, shake up stagnant dynamics, and remove blockages to progress. Effective facilitation keeps the group focused on the task, maintains energy levels, and ensures everyone is heard.

Our strategic planning session built a foundation for working together not only for right now but for the long term as well. Thanks to Holly’s preplanning and brilliant facilitation our discussion was kept on track and allowed us to have the most productive strategic meeting we have ever had. Thanks Holly, I’m sure we will be bringing you back again next year!

– Ash, Zoe Belle Gender Centre

Plan to Win is committed to strengthening the facilitation skills of those we work with – let us know if you’d like support, feedback and debriefing for your own facilitation.

Plan to Win is developing a network of skilled facilitators with activist experience and commitment. Get in touch if you’d like to work with us.

For more insight on Holly Hammond’s approach read her reflections on facilitation and group process on the blog.