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02 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Sustaining Activism Workshop

Self-care and stress release strategies for people working towards social and ecological justice Activist energy is a precious resource. The struggles we find ourselves in can be incredibly stressful and emotionally demanding. With all the pressures in life do you find that your own needs end up at the bottom of the list? Take some […]

31 October 2011 ~ 12 Comments

Facilitation at Occupy Melbourne

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a fortnight since Occupy Melbourne first kicked off. On the 15th October, as part of a global day of action in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Melbourne started at City Square. People gathered, working groups met, workshops were held, information stalls, a library, and a functioning kitchen […]

24 October 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Campaigning on the Interwebs: Part 1

The next Melbourne Campaigners’ Network, Wednesday 2 November, will focus on Taking a Campaign Online. Here, presenter Tim Norton provides some pointers on digital campaigning to get discussion started. See below to register for the event. The world of digital campaigning can appear enticing to some and daunting to others. It can be a never-ending […]

14 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

#Occupy 101

Have you been struggling to keep up with the momentum of the Occupy movement? What started as an isolated event on Wall Street in New York City has grown in scale and imagination, with ripples around the world. Guest blogger Marco Cuevas-Hewitt has been following the phenomenom closely on his beautiful and informative tumblr blog […]

11 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Melbourne Campaigners Explore Story

The Melbourne Campaigners’ Network got off to a great start last Thursday with the first gathering attracting a diverse group of over twenty activists, campaigners and organisers. The focus of the night was an introduction to story-based strategy. We ran through some of the key terms used by US strategists smartMeme as part of their […]

02 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Melbourne Campaigners’ Network

The Melbourne Campaigner’s Network is a monthly gathering for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change. Join us for three gatherings before the end of the year Thursday 6 October: Introduction to Story-based Strategy The way issues are framed and communicated – the battle of the […]

28 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Resources for Nonviolent Action

Feeling stuck in your social change work? Need some inspiration from the history of social movements? These three excellent online resources have got what you need. All three are concerned with cataloguing examples of nonviolent action and sharing those to support the work of people struggling for change now. What is meant by ‘nonviolent action’? […]

22 September 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Facilitation One Day Wonder

Nick Carson, Creative Commons A-SA

On the 7th September I participated in the One Day Wonder held at Abbotsford Convent. The One Day Wonder is a learning event created by, with and for facilitators and community engagement practitioners, or anyone who organises group meetings. Participants came from a broad range of contexts, with many involved in the Victorian Facilitation Network […]

20 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Melbourne Festival Highlights

It’s handy when mainstream events include opportunities for social movement learning. Here’s my highlights for this year’s Melbourne Festival. The events vary in cost – you can reduce costs if you gather a group together. Add on a post-event discussion and you’ve got your very own activist education experience! Get in touch if you would […]

15 September 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Hey Activists, R U OK?

Today is R U OK Day, a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide. The website states: ‘Staying connected with others is crucial to our general health and wellbeing. Feeling isolated or hopeless can contribute to depression and other mental illnesses, which can ultimately result in suicide. Regular, meaningful conversations can protect those […]