Organising to Win

Organising to Win is a training course for organisers by organisers. The course is offered as a series of 3 weekend workshops or stand alone workshops depending on your learning needs.

Workshop 1: Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 August
Workshop 2: Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September
Workshop 3: Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2019

Training Skills for Election Campaigns

10am-5pm, Wednesday 6 March 2019 in Carlton, Victoria. A one-day refresher for social movement trainers. Trainers play an important role in campaigns for social and ecological justice, equipping people to act powerfully together. As we hurtle towards a federal...

Leadership Learning Intensive

Plan to Win invites social movement leaders to take a big leap forward in your development in 2019. Six participants will meet regularly to learn and grow together. Each participant will receive focused group and one-to-one coaching to: Reduce barriers to the...

Deep Democracy for Social Movements

9am-1pm, Wednesday 7 March 2018 60L Green Building, 60 Leicester St Carlton, Victoria.   Strong movements require effective communication and decision making! When our meetings don’t engage everyone, or people feel unheard, tensions can surface that undermine morale...