GetUp_HollyHolly Hammond

Holly Hammond is Plan to Win’s founder, director and principal facilitator and trainer. She is also the founder and co-convenor of the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network and Plan to Thrive.

Holly brings over twenty-five years of experience in social movements to her work as an educator, facilitator and mentor. She is passionate about planning, developing coalitions, ending oppression, building community and assisting activists and community workers to lead balanced and rewarding lives.

Holly has been facilitating groups since she first became politically active at high school in the early 1990s. She has experience of activism in a number of social movements, including youth rights, women’s liberation, sex industry law reform, labour rights, peace and environmentalism. She has been employed in a diverse range of community based organisations in advocacy, publications, organising, policy, management and community development roles.

Since 2005 Holly’s work has been focused on supporting social movements. She ran a consultancy with this focus for many years, worked with the Change Agency 2006–2011, and established Plan to Win in August 2011. She has provided training and facilitation services for a broad range of Australian campaigning organisations, from small grassroots groups to large NGOs.

In June 2013 Holly travelled to Istanbul, Turkey to work on‘s Global Power Shift. She was part of the Training for Change team running the Training for Trainers prior to GPS and convened the Media and Communications workshop track throughout GPS. Holly also collaborated with New Tactics in Human Rights as a conversation leader in international online dialogues. She is a curriculum developer and teacher of the Graduate Certificate in Community Advocacy, a formal qualification in community organising and campaigning. Holly is the lead facilitator and retreat designer for the Women’s Environmental Leadership in Action program.

In addition to many years of learning-through-doing Holly has found the time to complete a BA in History and Politics, a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Policy, Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, ‘Super T’ training of trainers by Training for Change (Toronto, 2006), SmartMeme’s Advanced Story-based Strategy Practitioner’s Training (California, 2011), ACTU’s Organising FoundationsOpen Space Technology facilitation training, and Professional Supervision Training.

In July 2019 Holly will co-convene the International Gathering of Activist Educators at the Ulex Centre in Catalunya.


India Bio PhotoIndia Prior

India Prior is a facilitator, trainer and mentor with Plan to Win. Her work is driven by her desire to create a just and sustainable world and to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. She is passionate about building power through organising, helping people work well together and developing leaders. Her experience working with people on campaigns and in the community has shown her the importance of planning and goal setting, well facilitated meetings and taking the time to really listen to people.

Over the past 5 years she has worked as an organiser with the Greens on a number of issue-based and election campaigns and has been a key driver in developing the craft of organising in the Victorian Greens. She has been part of building a training culture, designing and running individual and multi-day trainings including a Community Campaigning Fellowship and Campaign School.

In her most recent role as Victorian Greens Field Director she was focused on coordinating field tactics, developing and facilitating training and supervising organising staff and volunteers in the 2016 Federal and Victorian Local Council elections. In 2014 she was the Lead Organiser on the successful campaign to elect Ellen Sandell as the first Greens Lower House MP in the Victorian Parliament. Previously, she led the Greens campaign to Replace Hazelwood and developed and supported grassroots volunteer teams with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. India holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Politics, History and French and an Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation with the Groupwork Institute.


Cofacilitators and Guest Presenters

Plan to Win engages guest speakers and co-facilitators with complementary skills and experience in campaigning, strategising, organising, nonviolent direct action, communications, digital campaigning, and more.

KarrinaNolanKarrina Nolan

Karrina is a descendant of the Yorta Yorta people. She’s an activist, organiser and community educator and facilitator with over 20 years experience working for social justice. She’s led programs and campaigns on women’s rights, globalisation and environmental justice with a focus on First Nations peoples. Karrina coordinated the Fairwear Campaign, a national campaign working to achieve wage justice for home-based clothing workers. Karrina has developed and delivered community cultural development programs in remote and regional Aboriginal and Torres Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, working with young people to develop confidence and pride to talk up their issues. She was Oxfam’s National Manager of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples program, and supported hundreds of women to be effective and strategic change makers.

Holly and Karrina have cofacilitated a movement gathering convened by Naomi Klein, three Climate Leader’s Retreats and two train-the-trainer workshops for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Seed, a diversity workshop for 350, and Training for Activist Trainers.

EleishaMullaneEleisha Mullane

Eleisha Mullane has almost 20 years experience as a trade union, social justice, and environmental activist. She worked in the union movement as a lead organiser and trainer for 13 years in Australia, UK and USA. In the UK she worked with the Public Service union to train and develop young members to take on leadership roles. In 2010 Eleisha was part of the ACTU pilot lead organiser exchange program with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) learning about the SEIU’s strategic industry wide campaigns being conducted on a local and global level. In 2014 Eleisha graduated from the inaugural Graduate Certificate in Community Advocacy. In 2015 she co-founded Mums 4 Refugees which builds activism amongst mums towards ending detention of people seeking asylum.

portrait_reganRegan Bleechmore

Regan Bleechmore was drawn into the world of social change work in 2009 through student activism and has since been involved in queer and trans feminism, permaculture, community responses to sexual violence, food cooperatives, community radio broadcasting and solidarity work with First Nations people. They developed their work as an activist trainer through designing and facilitating workshops for the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) on gender, transformative justice, community accountability, critical whiteness and anti-racism. She is an aspiring community development worker and is currently completing her Masters in social work at RMIT University.

MikeScottMike Scott

Mike Scott began facilitating workshops in 1995, around the same time he became an activist in the LGBTIQ rights movement. Moving into natural therapies, he gained a Cert. IV qualification in training and assessment which led to training students and health professionals on wellness and self-help techniques. In 2015 he completed the Graduate Certificate in Community Advocacy through Chisholm Institute. Mike has been an organiser of political and environment campaigns and recently started work on a social justice project.

Nicola_headshotNicola Paris

Nicola Paris has over a decade of activist experience with a range of organisations and grassroots groups across Australia. Nicola has supported, organised or facilitated workshops, nonviolent direct action training and capacity building for a diverse range of community campaigns around Australia. In 2012 Nicola founded CounterAct which seeks to support communities working for environmental and social justice with training.

Denisse Sandoval2Denisse Sandoval

Denisse Sandoval is a community organiser from New York, now based in Melbourne. Trained by the Gamaliel Foundation, she has led workshops on community organising such as the 99% Spring initiative. Her capabilities range from grassroots issue-based organising projects to faith-based/institutional coalition building. She is interested in building collective power with others across diverse sectors in order to achieve social and environmental justice.

NgaireSidhuNgaire Sidhu

Ngaire Sidhu is a climate activist, originally from Canberra. She became passionate about climate change after seeing the coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. Ngaire volunteered with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) for four years and was the ACT State Coordinator in 2016. She has also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Canberra. Ngaire was a 2017 trainee with Plan to Win.

JoleneElberthJolene Elberth

Jolene Elberth is a community organiser and activist hailing from the Southern United States and a recent transplant to Melbourne. She has been working with the Congress of Day Laborers in New Orleans for the last three years, organising around issues of detention and racial and migrant justice. She is passionate about community leadership development and brings experience in large group facilitation, popular education, and community civil and human rights monitoring. Jolene was a 2017 trainee with Plan to Win and presented on ‘Building Critical Consciousness’ for the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network.

MattRossMatt Ross

Matt Ross is a qualified social worker from the Gold Coast in Queensland with a background in mental health, drug and alcohol and crisis intervention. After volunteering his time in various campaigns and organisations, he decided to commit full time to campaigning in 2014. He was the lead organiser for the field campaign during the 2016 Federal election for the Greens in Queensland. He has a keen interest in campaigning on the climate, building connections and capacity among activists and grassroots organising. Matt was a 2017 trainee with Plan to Win and copresented the Training for Action Group Trainers one-day workshop in Brisbane.

Plan to Thrive, sibling project to Plan to Win, also has a team.