rebelliousmediaJoin Holly Hammond of Plan to Win and the New Tactics in Human Rights online community for a conversation on Media Tactics for Social Change from September 16 to 20.

Communicating with people is central to creating social change and defending human rights. The media can be a conduit for that communication – allowing us to reach broad stakeholders and communities.

However the media also reflects power relationships in a society, with the most powerful getting to have the biggest say. Media bias and corporate and state control can be significant barriers to our communication efforts.

In many societies media is actually one of the pillars of power. The media can bolster or undermine progress. It can make or break regimes. It can foster, or undo, a culture of respect for human rights.

Key questions:

  • How do we go about using the media in pursuit of human rights and social and environmental justice?
  • How do we influence the media to get them to tell our story?
  • How do we use the media to challenge stories of oppression and exploitation?
  • When the mainstream media is closed off as a channel for communication, how do we make our own media?

Campaigns are creatively using:

In this online conversation, we will explore these and many more tactics for engaging the media.

This is an opportunity for social change agents and human rights defenders to reflect on and share their approach to engaging the media and learn new tactics from others. Join us for this and two more discussions in a New Tactics series on building awareness.