Andrew Bray presenting at MCN December 2011.

The December Melbourne Campaigners Network gathered around 18 folks for reflection on 2011 and to consider the 100% Renewables campaign case study. The presenter, Andrew Bray, shares his slides and take home messages here. Thanks Andrew!

100% Renewables is a community organising campaign that works with community groups around the country to see Australia completely powered by renewable energy that is clean, that creates jobs and will never run out.

There are a number of campaigning techniques we’ve been taught or picked up ourselves that may be of value to pass on. Some are:

  • Be clear on your vision and use it to engage supporters, allies and targets. Once you have agreement on the overarching vision, other differences recede and become resolvable.
  • Develop campaign strategy but be prepared to be flexible depending on political opportunity. A change of direction may sometimes be needed to maintain the relevance of your campaign in the face of changes in the political landscape. Always be sure to continue working towards your vision.
  • Value your allies. They will have intelligence and strengths you don’t have. Conversely, you can aid their work with your intelligence and strengths.
  • Relationships and one-to-one communication are central to organising.  Some people can live on ideas alone but most people prefer people.  A strong campaign is one that values its people and shows it by committing time to maintaining relationships.
  • Organising is a two-way process. Feedback from participants is essential. It is the only way to capture the wisdom and creativity of its people and to make sure the campaign is working for them. Organisers can organise other people but it is essential that they also listen.
  • Investing in training and development leads to empowered action – and has a ripple effect through the movement. A successful community organising campaign leaves its people with more skills and more capability to make positive change in their own communities – whether it be working with the campaign or working on other causes.

100% Renewables will be launching our Build Big Solar Strategy in early 2012 to rally the community behind large scale solar power. Of course, it has been developed in consultation with our groups and allies within the climate movement.

A great way to join in is to come to our Build Big Solar Boot Camp, from 11 Feb – 12 Feb, 2012 at Port Hacking YouthWorks, a beautiful riverside venue, just outside of Sydney.

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Andrew Bray is a campaign coordinator with 100% Renewables, focussing on communications.

Many thanks to Andrew and the 100% Renewables team. Do you have a campaign, or know of one, that would be good to present as a case study for shared learning at the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network? Please get in touch!