The 2014 Budget includes a massive attack on Australia’s welfare system and the people who access it.

This is the latest, and perhaps most blatant, of numerous attacks over a number of decades.

So, if we’ve been here before, what can we learn from past campaigns addressing poverty and unemployment?

This session will include an overview of the history of Australia’s welfare system, the steps taken by both major parties to erode it, and the various kinds of community resistance which have taken place.

We’ll also hear oral history from:

  • Luke McMahon – one of the organisers of the 2002 Dole Army website and hoax will describe the creative tactics they used and what motivated them.
  • Annie Nash – currently Executive Officer of Flat Out and a longtime fearless advocate for social and economic justice, will share her story of the 1987 protests against the Hawke government’s abolition of the under-18 dole.

We’ll consider insights and lessons from the past to inform current and future campaigning.

Join us afterwards for dinner and drinks at Shebeen, 36 Manchester Lane.

This is a Melbourne Campaigner’s Network event. MCN holds regular gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change.

Location:  Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Time:  6pm til 8pm at Ross House – Dinner from 8pm at Shebeen.
Date:  Thursday 3 July
RSVP: Facebook – spread the word!
Further info:  Holly Hammond – call 0421 508 446 or via the Contact page.