MCN_DiscussionOver the next six month Plan to Win has a special focus on developing activist trainers.

Trainers and facilitators play a vital role in social movements – helping people to gain the clarity and skills they need to make change in the world.

This session is open to people who have experience both as activists (in many different ways) and with group process (facilitating meetings, decision making, training, team-building etc).

Learn from Holly Hammond’s extensive experience with social movement groups, including ten years specifically focused on activist education and facilitation. Find out more about Holly.

In this short session we’ll:

  • start a network of activist trainers
  • share the contexts we’re all training people in
  • air some challenges
  • learn practical tips for better activist training
  • have dinner together

This session will be an opportunity to find out more about Plan to Win’s 2.5 day train-the-trainer (12-14 February 2016) and input your priorities.

$25-$50 depending on means, includes dinner. Please note a cancellation fee of $10 applies. Register below and invite your friends on Facebook. Contact Holly if you have any queries.